Attacking the hill.

Last year as I trained for a UFC fight I spent time in the gym pretty much every day running on the treadmill, pushing some weights, and hitting the heavy bags (The speed bag is still a challenge…).  After I got out of the ICU from the staff infection that I caught, all the time in the gym was wasted.  I had lost about 15 pounds in 4 days and for several months after I left the hospital I was weak and exhausted (from what I still don’t know).

This year I have been back to my roots — running.  I will think about getting back into fighting shape later.  Right now I am working on the cardio aspects of my training.

To keep myself h0nest, I have been using RunKeeper on my iPhone 3GS (which uses the internal GPS) to manage my entire running process.  It then posts it to the web where I can measure calories burned and times and even track the direct link between a specific climb and the speed of attack.  It does not however add in the temperature….


Unfortunately, Greenville is a hilly place.  A really hilly place.


Most of sales is attacking a hill — a challenge, a target, a opportunity, a commission quota…  There is no level playing ground and if you should be worried if it feels like you can do your job while coasting (that means a “cheaper” someone else can probably do the same thing).

Getting in fighting sales shape is about training on the hills.  You practice on a slope and challenge yourself to run the course faster and more efficiently each time.

You become a master of winning where other people get “winded”…

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3 responses to “Attacking the hill.

  1. You should do an entire expose on ppl getting staph infections from fight gyms. My husband got one in Thailand. Someone at his club here in the city just got staph. Why can’t these gyms be staph-free, what is up with that, is it really SO hard to keep the place clean?? OR should each gym at least teach it’s users of the potential hazard and that they should wash with disinfectant soap after training? It shocked me beyond belief when i found out how rampant staph is at gyms.

  2. you are a lunatic

    if you were a chick you probably would have filmed yourself masturbating back in the days of 8mm!!!!

    go do something important with your life!


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