Clean up your act… (or else)

For those of you who ignored my rage against the fad of making New Years resolutions, I say “bravo”…  Sure it’s a mindless waste of time to commit to an important goal for just a few months, but you already knew that.

All rage aside, I have goals for my life and most of you do too.    I have to think you wouldn’t continue to hang out here at The DEW View if you didn’t want more from your life.  I tend to be pretty annoying.

(By the way, I hope several of you made resolutions just because I told you, you shouldn’t…)

So back to goals….

We all have them and we all would say that we want our goals to work out.  The reality is that you can have what you want. Your goals really can happen…

You just need to clean up your act.

Here’s a fun fact for you: You guy’s don’t need me to tell you how to be successful.  Most of us know what to do to be productive people.

  • We know that we need to prioritize better…
  • We know that we need to manage our time more effectively…
  • We know that we need to be more disciplined…

Right?  So why don’t we?

I think it has a little to do with how I spent my weekend:

I have had the house to myself for the past few weeks and with two boys and a maddenly busy schedule, things get sloppy.  Despite the pics you see of me on Facebook and elsewhere with my hair uncombed and collar pushed up, I am kind of a neat freak.   It doesn’t hurt that I grew up with a mom that made me clean the toilets and polish the sinks each more morning before I went to school.

So I went back to my roots and decided to get the house back in shape – bathrooms, hard word floors, and carpets.  And it wasn’t easy.  For starters, I couldn’t find the supplies.  I mean, isn’t there supposed to be a caddie thing with all the sprays and soaps and stuff?  Where is it?

I couldn’t find it.

I made a trip to Wal-Mart with the boys to rectify the situation.  Forty-five minutes later, a bucket, a mop, soap stuffs, a little green duster, and a pair of elbow-length pink gloves later, I hit the scene like Saturday night at the movies.

It was nasty. I won’t go into detail here because it will likely reduce my readership quite dramatically.  It will suffice to say that things got sudsy in a hurry.

And about four hours later, the house looked better.  It still needs a professional though…..

Here is my observation.  I could have the most beautiful house in the world, but without periodic cleaning, it’s going to get pretty nasty, pretty quick.

That’s exactly what happens to your goals.

Your sales goals for this quarter.  Your commission goals for this year.  Your 3-year plan for conquering the world.

What starts in January as beautiful and full of delight turns into a March disaster, June denial, and November depression

Along the way your goals get dusty, dirty, and downright nasty.  What’s started out nice and beautiful quickly becomes something you can’t stand to be around.  They stink.

“And when your goals stink, they start to rub off on you…”

So what am I saying?

  1. Donate regular time to clean up bad habits that limit your potential…
  2. Spend effort shining up new talents and skills…
  3. Soak up any advice you can get from great books, bios, and magazine articles…
  4. Don’t let failure and negativity leave scum on your beliefs…

So clean up your act!

It’s not me being a jerk; it’s your best chance of changing the world.

(I need to take my advice with this one too…)

What do you think? 


6 responses to “Clean up your act… (or else)

  1. Here is what I’ve discovered. THE brain, does not take kindly to new and different patterns of thought or behavior. Forming new habits which are counter to the older, automatic ones takes focus and discipline, and sometimes powerful guidance from a dependable outside resource. Blatant self-promotion aside, that’s when a coach can help make the new pattern a habit.

    • Lowell,

      You have brought up a topic that needs to be discussed. Clean up is just the beginning of being successful. Once you get the bad stuff out, you need to get good stuff in — and I can’t think of a better way than by hiring a great coach…


  2. Dan, it’s possible we may never get the bad stuff, or bad pattern, totally “out”. That pattern of thought or behavior has been in the deep recesses of the brain too long and has been practiced and made more solid as we keep paying attention to it – whether the attention we pay it is positive or negative – either way. What we can do is a) spend less time and attention on that pattern and b) begin to practice a new, more useful process or pattern. Simple – not easy. Takes focus and discipline. A way to begin is, when moved to repeat the old pattern, pause for a moment and consider choosing a better pattern just this one time.

    Over time, with focused attention, the new pattern can get legs and become a habit. But the old, undesirable one, may still lurk in the background, beckoning for your attention. You still are likely to have to make a conscious, deliberate choice. If you recall the film, “A Beautiful Mind,” John Nash, played by Russell Crowe, after he finally becomes more mentally stable, is still followed by his hallucinated characters who continue to tempt him to come back to the dark side. He makes a conscious choice not to. This process of forming new and better habits can be like that.

  3. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more!

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