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Clean up your act… (or else)

For those of you who ignored my rage against the fad of making New Years resolutions, I say “bravo”…  Sure it’s a mindless waste of time to commit to an important goal for just a few months, but you already knew that.

All rage aside, I have goals for my life and most of you do too.    I have to think you wouldn’t continue to hang out here at The DEW View if you didn’t want more from your life.  I tend to be pretty annoying.

(By the way, I hope several of you made resolutions just because I told you, you shouldn’t…)

So back to goals….

We all have them and we all would say that we want our goals to work out.  The reality is that you can have what you want. Your goals really can happen…

You just need to clean up your act.

Here’s a fun fact for you: You guy’s don’t need me to tell you how to be successful.  Most of us know what to do to be productive people.

  • We know that we need to prioritize better…
  • We know that we need to manage our time more effectively…
  • We know that we need to be more disciplined…

Right?  So why don’t we?

I think it has a little to do with how I spent my weekend:

I have had the house to myself for the past few weeks and with two boys and a maddenly busy schedule, things get sloppy.  Despite the pics you see of me on Facebook and elsewhere with my hair uncombed and collar pushed up, I am kind of a neat freak.   It doesn’t hurt that I grew up with a mom that made me clean the toilets and polish the sinks each more morning before I went to school.

So I went back to my roots and decided to get the house back in shape – bathrooms, hard word floors, and carpets.  And it wasn’t easy.  For starters, I couldn’t find the supplies.  I mean, isn’t there supposed to be a caddie thing with all the sprays and soaps and stuff?  Where is it?

I couldn’t find it.

I made a trip to Wal-Mart with the boys to rectify the situation.  Forty-five minutes later, a bucket, a mop, soap stuffs, a little green duster, and a pair of elbow-length pink gloves later, I hit the scene like Saturday night at the movies.

It was nasty. I won’t go into detail here because it will likely reduce my readership quite dramatically.  It will suffice to say that things got sudsy in a hurry.

And about four hours later, the house looked better.  It still needs a professional though…..

Here is my observation.  I could have the most beautiful house in the world, but without periodic cleaning, it’s going to get pretty nasty, pretty quick.

That’s exactly what happens to your goals.

Your sales goals for this quarter.  Your commission goals for this year.  Your 3-year plan for conquering the world.

What starts in January as beautiful and full of delight turns into a March disaster, June denial, and November depression

Along the way your goals get dusty, dirty, and downright nasty.  What’s started out nice and beautiful quickly becomes something you can’t stand to be around.  They stink.

“And when your goals stink, they start to rub off on you…”

So what am I saying?

  1. Donate regular time to clean up bad habits that limit your potential…
  2. Spend effort shining up new talents and skills…
  3. Soak up any advice you can get from great books, bios, and magazine articles…
  4. Don’t let failure and negativity leave scum on your beliefs…

So clean up your act!

It’s not me being a jerk; it’s your best chance of changing the world.

(I need to take my advice with this one too…)

What do you think? 


Your email just punched me in the eye

writingDo you write a lot of emails?

Do you find that that most of your “targeted emails” never get answered?

Are you tired of having your emails ignored?

Here is my advice: try writing something that is worth reading

Seriously!  (and, NO, I am not mad about this — I just sound that way)

I got the following email in my Gnoso inbox and after about 52.5 seconds of having my life wasted went into a tirade with the team at Gnoso.  Stunningly ridiculous content from a marketing company…

Take a look:



You want to meet because you read an article in the newspaper….  That’s your value proposition.  Nothing better?  No ways that I benefit other than supporting your business with my money (and feeling good about it)?  Nothing?

(By the way, no one here is named “Steve”…)

Here is the scientific formula for that crock of menagerie:

Bad homework + boring content = boiling readers…

Next time you stop to write your “target customer” an email, stop and think about what you are doing.  Take the opportunity to communicate seriously.  And think of the benefits — people won’t hate you and you might make some sales.

Here are 7 DEWlicious conversation observations:

  1. Stop trying to impress me with your name drops of big companies (that I don’t really know or care about)…
  2. Don’t make a lame reason for why I should keep reading or schedule you on my calendar.  When I do meet you, I already think you’re lame…
  3. Thanks and appreciation should be for what you have done for me not for how you “feel” about me…
  4. ummmmm….. please, please, please do some research on me, my name, and what I care about…. (I own www.danielwaldschmidt.com so it shouldn’t be too hard
  5. No intrigue = no interest (I don’t want to know the “why” and the “how” – just the “what”)….
  6. More than 5-6 sentences and I start getting bored…
  7. I don’t care about you.  I care about me.  Care about me too…

Great email content is a skill that we all need to work on.  This is a start!

And here — in case you missed it the first time:

I don’t care about you.  I care about me.  Care about me too…

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Polarize not Paralyze…

create a fire around youYou can’t change the world without polarizing the people you run into — your friends, your community, and even your “not so much” fans.  Polarization creates “sides”.  It’s the line in the sand that says “either you are with me or not”.

And it’s tough being the person who is polarizing.  Here is your guarantee:  someone will always hate you.  Not just dislike you.  Not even disagree with you.  Hate your guts!

And then you have some great friends who are the polar opposites…  They defend you to a fault.  They stand by you when no else does.  They are your brothers.  They are the people that help you change the world.

To change the world you need to polarize!

The opposite is to paralyze… It’s a middle-of-the-road-please-don’t-be-angry-at-me position that results only in drama.  So don’t be afraid to polarize (just don’t paralyze):

  1. Be obsessively passionate…   AND
  2. Avoid needing to compromise…

To hear more helpful “polarizing” topics, sign up to attend my FREE webcast on Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 11:00AM Pacific / 2:00PM Eastern.  It’s going to be fun.

Here’s the first glance at what we will be talking about:

  • Stupid Is The New Relevant: Generate sales by being genuinely memorable
  • Check It While You Wreck it: Effectively and efficiently manage your channel and business reputation worldwide and LIVE
  • Forget Your PDA Batteries: The tools you use to communicate matter!
  • Stop Selling Lemonade: Empathize with your target with your messaging
  • Drink Your Coffee Hot: Maximize your channel marketing to sales handoff

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Social Media is NOT crap

social-media-waste-of-timeYES —  I do know that yesterday I wrote about how much I hate strongly dislike the whole social media menagerie that has been a bumper crop of marketing geniuses all over the world giving their over-baked opinions on how to be the next Ashton Kutcher with 2 squigillion over-twittered fans.

NO — I don’t really think that social media is crap.  It’s not.  It’s actually can be pretty useful.  I just think that most experts have no real clue how to use it in a MEANINGFUL (i.e. revenue generating) way.

My CEO buddy, Kriss Wilson, actually sent me a great email today about some great ways that Twitter is currently being used to manage a loyal group of followers.  It was a fantastic example (and all of you should direct message him and ask him for the content)

Here is teaser for anyone interested:  I am going to talk about it LIVE next week.

BrightTALK, the world leader in webstreamed content has asked me to lead a series of discussions targeting Channel Managers about how to grow their revenue and I am going to spend some considerable time debunking the nonsense of MOST of how I hear socmedia being utilized.

It should be a fun discussion and YES I do think you will be missing out if you can not make it to the LIVE event on JULY 1st…

I leave you with this:

ANY marketing that does not lead to REVENUE generation is a WASTE…(DEWism)

We can argue about when that revenue is realized.  We can disagree about what the best ROI might be.  We can even argue that I might be a complete idiot (there are a lot of people that might want to agree with you).

Just try to keep any business going on marketing rather than SALES and you are well on your way to Chapter 11.

No Thanks!!

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What Was Your Name Again?

Business Model Revenues

less NOISE = more SALES

I put this presentation together about 6 months ago for an internal presentation to our team about the need to create a compelling message in spite of all the NOISE surrounding our business.

After recent sales discussions with entrepreneurs, I thought it made sense to share this with The DEW View community.  Its worth reviewing your “sales pitch” while asking yourself the question: “Do I cut through the noise?”

To really harness EXPLOSIVE revenue performance, you have to create a message that is compelling enough to cut through the NOISE of:

  • Your competition…
  • Your prior performance…
  • Your customer’s perceptions…
  • Your personal deficiencies…
  • Your customer’s personal agenda…
  • Your recent commute to work…
  • Your fears about not “closing the deal”… AND
  • a squigillion other variables you’ll learn about after you lose a few deals because you didn’t plan for cutting through the NOISE

Winners create a fanfare that arouses action, intensifies urgency, and capture the mind and motivation of a buyer. (DEWism)

Be a winner!

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Your Call is Making Me Angry

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I had two different calls today regarding some high level revenue opportunities that just drove me up the wall –my own little version of  Nightmare on Sales Street

Instead of pitching anyone, I was being pitched and it wasn’t so pretty a situation.  If you have had the experience of being this frustrated then you will understand the “scene”.  If not, here is the gist of my side of the sales process:

Here is what I won’t tell you: Right now I want to pick up the phone, tear the jack out of the wall, and throw the whole damn thing out the window.  It’s NOT that you are boring me with your unprepared sales call.  It’s not even that you are talking over me with your scripted “One-Call-Closes”.  Frankly, you are actually making me angry right now, because of how bad you make the sales professional look.

Here is what I might tell you: “Put what we talked about into an email that we can get started on” might be a response to your insane lack of foresight and strategic initiative.  I might even throw in the subtle hint that I might want to even understand the value I might should be getting from your services.  Expect me to offer you the opportunity to “reach out to me next week” after I have a chance to review what you send me.

Here is what I will do: I will barely skim the emails you send me.  I won’t answer your calls next week.  I will disrespect you as a lazy fool of a salesman

WOW! All that angst over a couple of calls?


Because it happens to all of us every day if we are not careful.  The kicker is that most sales executives either don’t have the foresight to know when they are the guy getting played or they wish to be blindly clueless for some neuro-ridiculous reason…

Well that stops here.  I can’t take any more calls like that.  I am going to give you my “playbook” — tell you what you need to tell me in order to get your commission close the deal.  Here it is in true DEWism form:

The Official NO-BS Rules of Sales Engagement:

  1. Keep anything just good to yourself  (i.e. present over-the-top stimulating awesomeness)…
  2. Learn the language of “Dollarese”  (i.e. any and all value needs to be translated into believably stupefying numbers)…
  3. Hello…  Calling 1-800-Google (i.e. research what your customer is, has, and will be doing to change the world)…
  4. Believe that sometimes life calls for a clown suit (i.e. be strategically unique in your approach)…
  5. Don’t trade stocks in Wyoming (i.e. eagerly and “oftenly” qualify your prospect for value perspective as you pitch)…
  6. Aim five blows at the kidney (i.e. rabidly pursue opportunities where you can demonstrate compelling differentiation)…

Do these things – better yet, master these things — and you will be successful in closing big deals.  I have a CEO friend who says that “The next best thing to doing something brilliant is NOT doing something STUPID”…  So it is with sales.  You don’t have to be a superstar overnight; start working on not making these stupid mistakes!

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First Task for the Day: BUYING

Strategy Thoughts....
Strategy Thoughts….

I turned 30 a few months ago in November and while I won’t pretend to be the ‘grey haired’  Oracle of all things business (although I do have more grey hair then I should have), I have learned quite a bit over my almost 364 months of being alive.

A lot of that knowledge has been through reading what great minds think about sales and philosophy and business motivation.  Playing on the battlefield of business has taught me even more.  Most promising, are the friendships I have developed with fellow sales-gurus like Shamus Brown, of Industrial Ego Sales, Frank Rumbauskas, of Never Cold Call Again, and John Holland, of Customer Centric Selling fame.

By studying, living, and learning about the best in generating explosive revenue growth, I have added a million lessons to my mental library about sales, marketing, and “branding”.  Here is one of the most powerful lessons I have learned: You can sell almost ANYTHING to ANYONE  basically ANYWHERE!

It’s true!  No matter what you are selling, you can sell it to almost anyone.  From porn to avocado shampoo to priority placements in a waiting line to iPhone apps that make farting sounds — people buy things that other people are selling!  I buy, you buy, we all buy stuff AND we buy it all the time.

We buy in a bad economy and we buy in a good economy.   It’s basically what we as people are doing when we are NOT sleeping, eating, or working.  And even then, (against all odds) we multi-task by finding time to buy while working or eating or sleeping (thanks to Ebay).  We can’t help but buy stuff.

That’s why I can help companies all over the world explosively sell almost ANYTHING to ANYONE .

  • It’s NOT about slick pitches and archaic marketing plans….
  • It’s NOT about how much venture funding you have….
  • It’s NOT even about the strength of your existing sales team….

It’s ALL about the strategy!

In heavily contemplating sale strategy, I reread a quick report that I put together when I was CEO of ACCESS.  Here are my opening thoughts on the reasons for a proper sales strategy:

“It is an axiom amongst military planners and commanders that no plan survives beyond the first contact with the enemy. Plans are made and executed SIMPLY in the service of strategy.  Strategy is more than a plan; it takes into account, objectives, resources, strengths, weaknesses, competitors and targets… “

STRATEGY is everything….  It is what keeps you sane when external circumstances make your task seem impossible.  It is what allows you to change direction quickly when your tactics are not as productive as you would like…  It is the glue that holds together your activities into logical customer interactions.

  • Without a strategy, hard work turns into wasted effort and passion quickly fizzles into “burn out”…
  • Without strategy, chaos fuels resentment rather than possibilities for improvement…
  • Without strategy, your “impossible task”, really is IMPOSSIBLE

So how to build a sales strategy in 5 easily reproducible steps :

  1. Think about the biggest dream you want to achieve — and double it in size…
  2. List the 5 obstacles that will stop your dream from happening…
  3. Outline in no more than 5  steps how to get to your dream…
  4. Plan how to use your personal relationships to accelerate each of the 5 steps you wrote down…
  5. Calculate carefully how to mitigate the risks of each obstacle by planning for the worse case scenario…

Here is another way to thing about strategy and how it plays into success as the ultimate goal.  Successful strategy is the end result of personal dreams multiplied by the scope of our personal relationships in removing obstacles completely negated by the number of details that are overlooked.  Put into pictures, here is the DEW formula:

success formula

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