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How to succeed when your life life kicks the @$%*# out of your sales life

beat-up-faceSometimes life throws you a curve ball.

Things blow up…. bad.

You get beaten up in your personal life and it starts to affect your chances at closing deals.

You have opportunities that demand finesse, skill, and talent — and you feel defeated and ready to quit.

Winning is more than about a notch on the belt. It pays the bills.  Not succeeding is something you don’t want to consider….

So, what do you do?  How do you put your life back together while not missing a career beat?

  1. Recognize that life dealt you a black eye.  There is no use denying the obvious.
  2. Try to solve solvable life problems as soon as possible.  Let go of your ego.
  3. Spend time “grinding” through the sales steps you know you need to get done.  Send emails.  Return calls.
  4. Set aside a few special minutes a day to focus on your sales goals.  Focus on your dreams.
  5. Write down your scattered sales strategy thoughts throughout the days.  Your mind has a lot going on so take the time to store your half-finished ideas on paper.
  6. Write your daily goals on a calendar and don’t let time commitments slide.  Don’t let things that used to take 5 minutes take 30 minutes.
  7. Talk to someone that you trust and get the bad stuff out of your head.  Telling yourself that you suck is not a super way to build confidence.
  8. Challenge yourself in a favorite hobby or through physical exercise.  Take time for mastery.
  9. Take the first step toward your sales goal that day. Then another. Then another.  Build momentum.
  10. Learn from the experience — about yourself, about how your customer might be feeling.  Build empathy.

There’s probably more to this list than the points I have included.  In fact, I am sure there is more to consider.  The point is that life happens — and it hurts.  You want the world to stop so you can heal and it won’t.  It just runs you over again.  Use these basic steps to stay “in the game” while your world works itself out.

Winning is not about removing problems that you can not control but about continuing in spite of them…


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Your Call is Making Me Angry

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I had two different calls today regarding some high level revenue opportunities that just drove me up the wall –my own little version of  Nightmare on Sales Street

Instead of pitching anyone, I was being pitched and it wasn’t so pretty a situation.  If you have had the experience of being this frustrated then you will understand the “scene”.  If not, here is the gist of my side of the sales process:

Here is what I won’t tell you: Right now I want to pick up the phone, tear the jack out of the wall, and throw the whole damn thing out the window.  It’s NOT that you are boring me with your unprepared sales call.  It’s not even that you are talking over me with your scripted “One-Call-Closes”.  Frankly, you are actually making me angry right now, because of how bad you make the sales professional look.

Here is what I might tell you: “Put what we talked about into an email that we can get started on” might be a response to your insane lack of foresight and strategic initiative.  I might even throw in the subtle hint that I might want to even understand the value I might should be getting from your services.  Expect me to offer you the opportunity to “reach out to me next week” after I have a chance to review what you send me.

Here is what I will do: I will barely skim the emails you send me.  I won’t answer your calls next week.  I will disrespect you as a lazy fool of a salesman

WOW! All that angst over a couple of calls?


Because it happens to all of us every day if we are not careful.  The kicker is that most sales executives either don’t have the foresight to know when they are the guy getting played or they wish to be blindly clueless for some neuro-ridiculous reason…

Well that stops here.  I can’t take any more calls like that.  I am going to give you my “playbook” — tell you what you need to tell me in order to get your commission close the deal.  Here it is in true DEWism form:

The Official NO-BS Rules of Sales Engagement:

  1. Keep anything just good to yourself  (i.e. present over-the-top stimulating awesomeness)…
  2. Learn the language of “Dollarese”  (i.e. any and all value needs to be translated into believably stupefying numbers)…
  3. Hello…  Calling 1-800-Google (i.e. research what your customer is, has, and will be doing to change the world)…
  4. Believe that sometimes life calls for a clown suit (i.e. be strategically unique in your approach)…
  5. Don’t trade stocks in Wyoming (i.e. eagerly and “oftenly” qualify your prospect for value perspective as you pitch)…
  6. Aim five blows at the kidney (i.e. rabidly pursue opportunities where you can demonstrate compelling differentiation)…

Do these things – better yet, master these things — and you will be successful in closing big deals.  I have a CEO friend who says that “The next best thing to doing something brilliant is NOT doing something STUPID”…  So it is with sales.  You don’t have to be a superstar overnight; start working on not making these stupid mistakes!

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