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It’s your fight. Come to play.

It you have been in sales long then you can appreciate when I make the observation that SALES is a fight.  It require discipline, dedication, and dogged training.  To be the best (or even get better) you have to “put in the time” in the sales gym.  You can’t get better by being a “January Gym Going”…

It doesn’t work.  You will never be the dude giving the knockout punch.  You’ll find yourself gasping for breath, knocked around, and feeling like you just got sucker punched.  And the reality is just that.  You got taken (and lost the deal)…

Like a good fight, the winner knows what he is going to do before the chime of the bell.  He has a plan and he executes with a zeal of a man who is about to get his head split open if he doesn’t win.  It’s that intense.

So what do you do?

You “put in the time”!  (like a lot of life, there is no shortcut….)

You study your craft, study the big players, study some great sources (like Seth and Sandler and Shamus and SalesClub)…  and you decide that whatever happens (no matter how badly you get hurt) you will show up for training the next day…  Because that’s what winners do.

And this is your fight.  And you have come to play……


Myth: Thinking Actually Helps


High-performers in the world of “deal making” share the universal quality of self-assessment. It’s an internal process of strategically measuring the inputs and outputs of a process or idea (or just “what went down…”) and deciding if it could be done better.  And that’s all good.  It’s more than good — it’s necessary.

But it’s probably not good enough to make you an ALL-STAR (the stuff of legends)

You work better when you work with gut instinct.  At this stage in your deal process, you generally know what NOT to do (which is 2/3 of the learning process) and WHERE you need to head.  But to be the best, you have to be extraordinary — and that requires a different, new, or abstractly innovative idea.  Everything that your boss won’t probably agree with…. because it’s not safe.

But there’s actually science to prove that you do make better decisions from gut instinct rather than thinking too much.

“Whether evaluating abstract objects (Chinese ideograms) or actual consumer items (paintings, apartments, and jellybeans), people who deliberated on their preferences were less consistent than those who made non-deliberative judgments,” write authors Loran F. Nordgren (Northwestern University) and Ap Dijksterhuis (Radboud University, The Netherlands).”

And check this out.  The science gets even more compelling.  After 5 different independent studies, the authors found that “the more complex the decision, the less useful deliberation became.”

That means that less “thought-manship” and more gut instinct is the key to outrageous deal success.

P.S.  Ever wonder why outrageous success is so hard to predict (i.e. there’s no formula)?  It’s because you’re thinking too hard about it.  As you move with gut instinct you see enough of the distance to move around obstacles to get to the finish line.  And, like running at the North Pole, you don’t really need to look over your shoulder because your competition is slim…. (and that’s where I like to play)

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D is for Dialogue

A recent study conducted by the Shyness Clinic in Menlo Park, California, revealed that almost 90% of Americans label themselves as shy.  Further, the California Department of Consumer Affairs estimates that 25% of all purchases result in some customer dissatisfaction, yet fewer than 30% of people actually complain.  The rest are too shy or just don’t think it’ll help.

The fix is obvious — speak up!

Being more productive in sales is about having conversations with your clients.  The days of hard closes, premeditated 1-liners, and glib unpreparedness are over.  Have a conversation and the selling will automatically happen.

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Just Do It Already…

Your Effort Differentiates!

Your Effort Differentiates!

My CEO buddy Kriss Wilson posted a quote on Twitter from Buddha that fit right in to some of my recent thinking about selling and the differentiation between those who SELL and those who are “working on it.”

I return to my passion about effort and the idea of the PQ that creates All-Stars.

First — a quote from the mind of Kriss:

“Fools wait for a lucky day but every day is a lucky day for an industrious man.” ~Buddha

Quite a lot of selling is doing

It’s about putting in the necessary effort to navigate your way around obstacles to be successful.  It’s about being indefatigable, unstoppable, completely motivated…

It’s NOT:

………………………………………………building,   or
……………………………………………………making calls!

It is about EFFORT and the art of EXECUTING!

It’s the age old principle of “making your own luck”!

No sooner had my mind stopping spinning when I got a call from Tom Searcy which led to another discussion with a CEO in need of “sales execution” — not any of the things listed above.

And I again questioned this.

WHY? Why is execution so hard for start-ups?

And it really comes to a handful of explanations:

  • You don’t know how
  • You are too busy with less important details…
  • You underestimate the required amount of hard work

I usually find in working with high performing CEO’s that the last reason is by far the most common reason for lack of sales.  The “sweat cost” of “always on” selling is easy to underestimate and it’s deadly if not fixed”

Entrepreneurs give up just before they become successful.  CEO’s quit long after they should have given up on poor selling ideas.  High-end “sellers” over promise results without understanding the resources they are being promised by the organization.

What to do?

  • Put in the effort!
  • Stay committed to putting in the effort!

You can change just about anything when you have the effort to back up your planning!

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Freedom from bad sales ideas

The 4th of July stands as a tribute to taking action against oppression, bad philosophy, and a depressing future.  America’s foundation in being independent could serve as a lesson to many sales people who forget that most of what they will read in sales books WILL NOT work for them…

I am celebrating the great feedback that many of you sent to me about our webinar on how to achieve outrageous revenue growth this year.  Thanks for attending.  Only (2) people gave us less than 5 stars which means that almost everyone got something out of it — which is what I wanted to accomplish.

I have been asked if I would make the slides available and here they are below.

If viewing the slides is the first time you are looking at the content, then it may not make all that much sense to you.  You can view the finished product over here.

Celebrate your independence from everything that is holding you back from growing sales right now.

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Your customers are wrong! And you are too for believing them!

LyingExplosive sales breakthough can only occur when you truly understand that your propect, customer, client, or whatever else you call the people that spend money with you are not your friends.

One of the biggest legends of sales mythdom is that “the customer is always right”…  You hear that quote everywhere.  It’s the golden rule for customer service training and RFP engagement.

And it’s dead wrong.

Especially when potential customers start getting shady over pricing.  They order services they don’t intend to pay for.  They try to renegotiate deals that are already under contract.  They lead you to believe that doing them a favor now means more deals down the road.

And they are LYING.  The customer is not RIGHT he is LYING!

Many thanks to my buddy, Kriss Wilson, for getting his hands on the following video that you need to see.  It’s preposterous!  It’s downright insane when you think about the man-handling you receive from prospects about your pricing.

As Shamus Brown would say, “Sell with pride!”

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Polarize not Paralyze…

create a fire around youYou can’t change the world without polarizing the people you run into — your friends, your community, and even your “not so much” fans.  Polarization creates “sides”.  It’s the line in the sand that says “either you are with me or not”.

And it’s tough being the person who is polarizing.  Here is your guarantee:  someone will always hate you.  Not just dislike you.  Not even disagree with you.  Hate your guts!

And then you have some great friends who are the polar opposites…  They defend you to a fault.  They stand by you when no else does.  They are your brothers.  They are the people that help you change the world.

To change the world you need to polarize!

The opposite is to paralyze… It’s a middle-of-the-road-please-don’t-be-angry-at-me position that results only in drama.  So don’t be afraid to polarize (just don’t paralyze):

  1. Be obsessively passionate…   AND
  2. Avoid needing to compromise…

To hear more helpful “polarizing” topics, sign up to attend my FREE webcast on Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 11:00AM Pacific / 2:00PM Eastern.  It’s going to be fun.

Here’s the first glance at what we will be talking about:

  • Stupid Is The New Relevant: Generate sales by being genuinely memorable
  • Check It While You Wreck it: Effectively and efficiently manage your channel and business reputation worldwide and LIVE
  • Forget Your PDA Batteries: The tools you use to communicate matter!
  • Stop Selling Lemonade: Empathize with your target with your messaging
  • Drink Your Coffee Hot: Maximize your channel marketing to sales handoff

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