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Perspective on Quitting

There are not many “walking on fire” acts of bravery that compare to  stepping into the shoes of “chief sales maker”….Whether you are the CEO of a 1-man start-up venture or the lead sales architect at a Fortune 10 global enterprise, gambling your reputation, your paycheck , and your lifestyle on your ability to generate a lot of SOMETHING from a wide-open disadvantageous position of  NOTHING is a complete adrenaline adventure…

It’s not something you start without fighting to be the last one standing.

And so I am confused why sales dudes of all shapes, colors, creeds, and skills give up so easily (and usually with the best of excuses).  Did I miss something, somewhere where it became fashionable to replace effort with hope?  And why does everyone have a “side-project” going on instead of a “life project”?

It’s really much more simple than that.  Success is about putting in the effort, the time, the passion to show up for your destiny.  And if you think about it:

If you quit today you never get to see the success of tomorrow.

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Skin in the Game

bruise_first_aidWarren Buffett famously coined the term “skin in the game” in his business insight that you can “guarantee” the success of a company by requiring C-level executives to use their own money to buy stock in the particular company they are running.  Since the company’s interests and the senior leadership’s interests are the same thing, you have maximum inertia in the right direction…

That’s great for running a business, but let’s go another direction.

If you’ve played on an outdoor basketball court at all, then you know what it’s like to leave “skin in the game”.  It can be brutal.  Every dive and fall leaves a scrape, a gash, or a bruise.

The harder you play, the tougher you need to be.

So it is on the court of “changing the world”…

You should assume that you will leave skin in the game if you really believe in something:

  • If you don’t have skeptics… then your idea isn’t big enough…
  • If you don’t have critics…  then you are doing everything wrong…
  • If you don’t have a nemesis…  then you are not changing the status quo

If you have skin in the game, you can expect to be regularly maligned, misunderstood, hated… and most possibly SUCCESSFUL!

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Testing that Theory

Step aside Susan Boyle, you have been outclassed!

Meet Kari Callen!

Did you notice at about 45 seconds into the video where she says that the reason she is doing this is to “test the theory about her not being talented”?

She said in a sentence why high-performers act the way they do.


To test the boundaries of possibility.  To push high-performance even higher.  To set a personal record.  To master an impossible vision.  To change the world in a way that others can only criticize.

Kari got two standing ovations for her performance and she probably deserved a third.  You may not get a standing ovation for what you do…. ever.  You may never get recognized for testing your theory.  But you will know…

And knowing that within YOU is the ability to change the world is the first step in making a difference.

What theories do you need to test?

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What Courage Looks Like

courage3I aspire to be courageous.

I don’t really think I am.  What I do (who I am…) doesn’t seem to demand courage.  But I might be wrong….

A few days ago I received an encouraging email from a friend who is much older than I am and was a mentor at one time.  We didn’t always see eye-to-eye on everything (especially in some recent interactions) so the email was altogether unexpected.  Here is the first paragraph:

You are a great teacher, a great contributor, a fine example of someone with  the courage to stand up, trust in his ability to create value in the scary moment of now, and make a real difference.

As I read this email I literally had to pause and collect my emotions so I could read the rest of the email.  So many thoughts at the same time. Glad to be recognized.  Challenged to continue. Thoughtful for the task at hand….

I realized that courage is not no much a single big action as it is a series of small and seemingly insignificant ways of living.

Here is what the inches of courage look like:

  1. Planning for greatness when you feel clueless….
  2. Turning a 5 mile run into 6….
  3. Not apologizing for being different….
  4. Dialoging with people that are smarter than you….
  5. Changing your mind….
  6. And then changing your mind again….
  7. Telling the world what you are passionate about….
  8. Disagreeing with a good idea….
  9. Waking up and doing it all over again….
  10. Fighting for the extra 1% when 99% seems good enough….
  11. Saying “NO” because your “YES” won’t be worth it….
  12. Believing in yourself even though you are the only one….
  13. Telling yourself the truth about what scares you….
  14. Facing your fear of failure….
  15. Starting something new when the old stuff isn’t done yet….
  16. Pausing to be grateful for past life lessons….
  17. Finish reading all the books you half started….
  18. Using personal doubts to fuel activity….
  19. Asking a close friend what they think your faults are….
  20. Answering the phone when you see it’s the bill collector….
  21. Teaching a class on a topic that you have mastered…
  22. Mastering a topic well enough to teach a class about it….

How many times will you be courageous today?

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Just Do It Already…

Your Effort Differentiates!

Your Effort Differentiates!

My CEO buddy Kriss Wilson posted a quote on Twitter from Buddha that fit right in to some of my recent thinking about selling and the differentiation between those who SELL and those who are “working on it.”

I return to my passion about effort and the idea of the PQ that creates All-Stars.

First — a quote from the mind of Kriss:

“Fools wait for a lucky day but every day is a lucky day for an industrious man.” ~Buddha

Quite a lot of selling is doing

It’s about putting in the necessary effort to navigate your way around obstacles to be successful.  It’s about being indefatigable, unstoppable, completely motivated…

It’s NOT:

………………………………………………building,   or
……………………………………………………making calls!

It is about EFFORT and the art of EXECUTING!

It’s the age old principle of “making your own luck”!

No sooner had my mind stopping spinning when I got a call from Tom Searcy which led to another discussion with a CEO in need of “sales execution” — not any of the things listed above.

And I again questioned this.

WHY? Why is execution so hard for start-ups?

And it really comes to a handful of explanations:

  • You don’t know how
  • You are too busy with less important details…
  • You underestimate the required amount of hard work

I usually find in working with high performing CEO’s that the last reason is by far the most common reason for lack of sales.  The “sweat cost” of “always on” selling is easy to underestimate and it’s deadly if not fixed”

Entrepreneurs give up just before they become successful.  CEO’s quit long after they should have given up on poor selling ideas.  High-end “sellers” over promise results without understanding the resources they are being promised by the organization.

What to do?

  • Put in the effort!
  • Stay committed to putting in the effort!

You can change just about anything when you have the effort to back up your planning!

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Freedom from bad sales ideas

The 4th of July stands as a tribute to taking action against oppression, bad philosophy, and a depressing future.  America’s foundation in being independent could serve as a lesson to many sales people who forget that most of what they will read in sales books WILL NOT work for them…

I am celebrating the great feedback that many of you sent to me about our webinar on how to achieve outrageous revenue growth this year.  Thanks for attending.  Only (2) people gave us less than 5 stars which means that almost everyone got something out of it — which is what I wanted to accomplish.

I have been asked if I would make the slides available and here they are below.

If viewing the slides is the first time you are looking at the content, then it may not make all that much sense to you.  You can view the finished product over here.

Celebrate your independence from everything that is holding you back from growing sales right now.

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Stopped listening…

If the average conversation lasts 2.3 minutes and the average sales pitch is 23 minutes…. something tells me our prospects stopped listening more than 20 minutes ago.

Might be time to change something?

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